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What was the official reason Muldaur replaced McFadden temporarily?

I just want to know. No one ever explained it to me, and I've never found anything written anywhere about it. Could someone who knows please explain it to me? Thank's in advance.

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I've been wracking my brains trying to remember where I read this--a few years back, I read somewhere that a certain higher-up exec on the show (initials MH) took a fancy to Ms. McFadden and when she turned down his advances and complained to the other higher-ups, they chose him over her and she was fired. After the letter-writing campaign to bring her back, she was rehired for the third season (coincidentally, MH left the show at the end of season 2). I have no clue if any of this is actually true, but it sure would explain a few things...and if it was the case, then my respect for GMF knows no bounds and she is classy as hell for keeping it under wraps all this time, when she could've raised a huge stink about it instead.
I've NEVER heard this.... Interesting.... Im sure its just a rumor though. Could be wrong. But I am certain it was to have her baby. That was it. Im certain of THAT part anyways.
Hi Vanessa ! Yes , that is true ! Gates McFadden was fired from the Series , because of disagreement between McFadden and Co-Exec Producer/Writer Maurice Hurley . He was fired at the end of Season 2 , and Gates was brought back in !!
WOW! Thank you Darn:)
Hi Jim ! On her return to the Series , I believe she renewed a relationship with a Studio executive and they married soon after . Gates was pregnant in 1991 during TNG's 4th Season . Apparently , she missed being in the episodes at the end of that season !
She officially gave birth to a Wesley... Well, sort of.... :-))
As a side note, Diana Muldaur was also in TOS episode "Is There in Truth No Beauty?" where she plays an ambassador's blind wife.
I like both Diana and Gates !! Pulaski was friendly and tough , like Mccoy . And Crusher was an attractive and warm Doctor . I like how they made Beverley more personally responsive to her situations - She was meant to Mother the Captain and Crew . On the other hand , Pulaski was written for further involvement in the Series . She was a capable trusty replacement , even as a Captain . But Troi as the Ships Psychological Counsellor , being Betazoid , should have had that sort of Role , came across as an alluring cool and reserved person ?!
Rick Berman, in his 3 hour interview at said that she was fired because a producer Maurice Hurley didn't like Gates personally, or her acting.




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