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January 24: On This Day In Science Fiction History

You may not know his face, but chances are you've heard his voice ... or voices!  Phil LaMarr has contributed to several sci-fi-related animation projects, from Futurama to Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  Today, he celebrates his birthday, born on this day in 1967!

Ernest Borgnine had a very impressive film career.  His first work was done in 1951, and he worked in the biz all the way until 2012.  Many folks remember him from CBS's great action/adventure program, Airwolf, where he appeared as the sidekick Dominic Santini.  He had a solid role in Walt Disney's The Black Hole (1979).  But I'll always remember him fondly as Cabbie from John Carpenter's dystopian epic Escape from New York (1981), one of my favorite flicks.  Though he's no longer with us, Borgnine was born on this day in 1917.

Take my word for it: Ireland's Ruth Bradley is the prettiest drunk you'll ever see defending the Earth from an alien infestation of Grabbers!  You'd do well to check out that release on home video.  The actress was also seen in the BBC series Primeval.  Bradley was born on this day in 1987.

Here's the straight dope on "That Which Survives" from

"After the Enterprise landing party beams down to investigate a geologically interesting planet, their ship is hurled across the galaxy. Kirk and company find a deserted outpost guarded by the deadly image of a beautiful woman."

The program was part of Star Trek's third (and final) season, and it premiered on this day back in 1969.

Guess who's back?  That's right!  "Ardala Returns" in a very special episode of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century that aired on this day back in 1980.  This time out, Ardala's plans include kidnapping Rogers so that she can infiltrate Earth's defenses with a clone copy of the captain himself; that way, she can attack our planet with the ultimate spy serving her evil bidding!  How dastardly!

On this day in 1993, the crew of the Space Rangers continued their short trip in television history.  "The Trail" is described by as follows:

"Isogul frames Zylyn for the murder of the Graaka Karlat. Given overall human anti-Graaka sentiment, no one will testify on his behalf. Can Boon prove Zylyn's innocence before he does the honourable thing and commits ritual suicide?"

As part of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's inaugural season, the writers really tried to bring some fresh ideas to the process of storytelling.  As an example, consider "Babel," an episode that aired on this day in 1993.  Here's the summary from

"The crew and civilian population of Deep Space Nine begin to gabble when a plague, engineered by the Bajorans as a weapon against the Cardassians, accidentally gets released into the station's atmosphere."

On this day in 2001, Starhunter aired the thirteenth episode of its first season.  The hour was titled "The Most Wanted Man," and here's the plot summary from

"Rudolpho assigns Dante to bring in a man wanted by The Orchard named Harman who has superhuman speed and is evolving into something even more powerful. Getting in the way are a Mars Federation patrol who claims that Harman is their bounty, as well as a repo-man who wants Dante's ship because Rudolpho fell behind on his payments. Things become even more complicated when a third, unidentified ship arrives who Luc secretly contacts, and the trust between the two bounty hunters begins to shatter."

On this day in 2001, B'Elanna is troubled by flashbacks of her own childhood as she grows overwhelmed with the prospect of giving birth to her own child in "Lineage."

On this day in 2003, Farscape continued the countdown toward the finale of its fourth season with an episode titled "Twice Shy."  Here's the episode summary, compliments of

"The crew goes into Tormented Space, where they hope to avoid both the Peacekeepers and Scarrans. The crew buys maps for the area, Chiana buys a slave girl and sets her free. The crew tries to contact the trader after discovering Rygel cheated them. The crew starts acting stranger than ever. Rygel's greedier, D'Argo's angrier, Chiana's passion is on overdrive, etc. Crichton's behavior towards Aeryn are finally revealed."

On this day in 2005, the first season of Syfy's Battlestar Galactica came to a close with the airing of "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 2."  Here's the summary from

"Infuriated that Roslin usurped his command by ordering Starbuck to steal the captured Raider, Adama decides that his only option is to storm Colonial One with marines and terminate her presidency. Starbuck reaches Caprica and finds the Arrow of Apollo in a museum, but she has to go through a copy of Number Six to get it."

As always, live long and prosper!

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